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    Christian Bale Roughed up for Trying to Visit Blind Chinese Lawyer


    by NTDTelevision

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    Actor Christian Bale, famous for his superhero role in the newst "Batman" movies, was roughed up by Chinese guards when he tried to visit blind Chinese rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng last Thursday.

    Bale was with a CNN camera crew. They got jostled around and then left in a car chase for about half an hour.

    Bale was in the country to promote the movie "The Flowers of War" with Chinese director Zhang Yimou. He was moved by Chen Guangcheng's plight and decided to take an eight-hour car ride to visit Chen in Dongshigu village in Shandong Province.

    The self-taught rights lawyer has been under house arrest for the past 15 months, after he exposed forced late-term abortions.

    In a CNN interview, Bale commented, "It's amazing that a superpower like China is actually terrified of this man and shows such an intrinsic weakness within the fabric of the country."