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    by One800lessgas

    RELIEF AT THE PUMPS WITH NEW TECHNOLOGY FROM NATIONAL FUEL SAVER!!!! Consumer Research: Diesel Fleets Find Relief at the Pumps With New Technology From National Fuel saver. They can put a man on the moon, but they can't make a truck that gets reasonable fuel economy. In a world of cell phones, laser technology, and high tech Bluetooth capabilities transferring info via satellite, one would think that a viable fuel savings device would surface. Until now .. Platinum Fuel Saving device. Read full article at

    NATIONAL FUEL SAVER HELPING YOU SAVE AT THE PUMP!!!! National Fuel Saver helping you save at the pump. Read more at Platinum Fuel Saver, Platinum 22, Platinum Gas Saver.

    TEST CONFIRMS THAT THE ROBINSON ENGINE HEAD!! U.S Gov't. Test Confirms that the Robinson Engine Head Delivers 48% More

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