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    Office Makeup Tips

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    by Geo Beats

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    Office Makeup Tips - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, my name is Jeanne San Diego with MUA Workshops at American Beauty College. Today I will covering how to do a daily makeup regimen for an office setting. We have Mercedes as the model and I will be showing that to you step by step. I actually already did half of her face so to start with I am going to use a primer and I am applying it to the t-zone area. You can use different primers that are available in the market but today I am using the smashbox line. After that I am applying a liquid foundation, this is by artistry and I am applying it with a foundation brush, like this one. Since I already did that side of her face I am just applying on the other side now. After applying your foundation if there are areas that you want to cover or that need extra coverage you can go ahead and get your concealer and conceal those areas. I am using a cream concealer to conceal the under eye dark circles, blemishes or pimples. The next step is to set your foundation, you can set it with a loose powder. Get your face brush, or a kabuki brush. Swirl it, tap and apply. The next step is to do the eye makeup. I am using the light brown for her eyebrows with an angled brush. This will give you more control, more precision. After you do the eyebrows, the reason why you want to use a primer so that it can last, your eyeshadow can last longer. I am tapping the color onto the lid like so. The reason you want to tap the color is so you do not lose the color or the color does not end up on the sides. The next step is to get your blending brush and use the light brown color on the crease. You can do a backwards "c" shape or a pacman shape. Next highlight the brow bone, you can use a matte color or you can bump it up with a color that has more shimmer. I am using the same palette. After you apply the eyeshadow then you can contour the face with blush. I am using a dusty rose color, this is also by artistry. I am using a fluffy brush, just focusing on the apples of her cheeks, doing a check mark. If you are on the go you want to use a gloss that has color. This will cut your time in half, some people may use a lip brush, and then lipstick and then gloss, or you can just get a gloss that has color that is more natural and more appropriate for the workplace. So I am applying this color, this is a pink suede color. The reason I am using this color is that it is more natural and it really goes well with her skin tone. This is a more subtle and more appropriate color for an office setting.