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    Large Terrariums

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Large Terrariums - as part of the shopping series by GeoBeats. Here, we have a large terrarium. As you can see, you can put them in anything, from sizes this big, any shapes you like. And they can vary from different types of plants that you like. But you have to be careful with the ones you choose, because some may not thrive in your home. So it is best for you to have a professional make a choice for you. Inside this terrarium you see, there are some lush green moss. Now, these are preserved dried moss, so there is no maintenance, like the live moss, that requires an enclosed container. And with the center having these beautiful succulent leaves with the green on top, and you can see the red on the bottom. And together in here, it just looks like a little magical world. With some crushed glass mimicking crystals, and some black rocks underneath it, giving it a lift. And it is, this is a very vibrant piece, that you can put as a centerpiece on your dining table. These terrariums are great. They not only look good, but they are very easy to maintain. Because they do not have a drainage hole, they hold the moisture in there well. And you do not want to overwater them, but you do not have to water them as often as a regular potted plant with a drainage hole. Here is another example of a large terrarium, in a bubble or a fishbowl shaped glass, with a giant cactus in the middle. And to jazz it up, I added some purple sand inside, with some glass rocks in there as decoratives.