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    Free Vinyasa Flow Practice Video


    by yogaboca

    Hi this is Dee Greenberg. Namaste. I'm here to invite you to participate in The Discover Your Magnificence, 30 Day Yoga Habit - Program.

    The program is absolutely free and the purpose of the program is to help you discover your Magnificence through yoga.

    By signing up at the blog at you will be pre-registered for the launch of the free product! So just go ahead and visit and go ahead and submit your email on the form where it says newsletter. Everyone who signs up for the newsletter will be receiving the free 30 day program.

    Here is what you'll be receiving in the program:
    • Discover Your Magnificence Vinyasa Flow Practice Video
    • Additional teaching videos to help you learn the proper alignment and breathing for the practice
    • Discover Your Magnificence -- Free Ebook with 30 days worth of illustrated daily affirmations. These affirmations will keep you motivated for the entire 30 days. In addition you can use them for meditation and for stream of consciousness journal writing.
    • Membership to our exclusive Facebook Group: Magnificent Living With Yoga!

    The goal of this program is that by the end of the 30 days -- you will have discovered your magnificence and be on a new path of transformation and enlightened living. And hopefully this will be the beginning of a long and joyful journey.