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    ジョニー [ktmr&kuon] Snowscape


    by unbelievabledaze

    Mediocre combo video. Most of the combos are sub-optimal and most of the setups won't work on a conscious opponent.


    0:38-0:48: Enkasu recoins from throw.

    1:16-1:36: Throw Enkasu on Faust, meaty 3HS to beat reversal FB.

    1:37-1:46: Utilizing the airborne property on Johnny's forward dash to beat Potemkin Buster after a blockstring. Not something I'd ever try in a match, mind you.

    2:24-2:48: Various ways to hit Baiken as she's buffering alpha counters. The Bacchus Sigh setups are rather impractical, but they'll work if you can set them up.

    2:49-3:05: A useful Divine Blade mixup in which you use the momentum on whiff to hit your opponent with an air normal as a crossup.