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    FYROM's creation (History of the Republic of Fake Macedonia)


    με SPARTANsenator

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    A video about the creation of the spurious Republic of FAKE Macedonia (FYROM). The provocations and historical distortions by the regime of FYROM cannot go unanswered. This video explains how Tito's communist plan to create a new nation using a Greek historical name and slavic population for territorial expansionism led to the creation of FYROM whose propaganda tries to steal history both from Greece and Bulgaria in order to justify its fictional identity.

    Tito's plan was nothing but a part of a bigger communist plan to create a fake nation and independent Macedonian state by taking parts of Bulgaria, Serbia and Greece (which did not belong to the Soviet block) so that the communist states that were controlled by Stalin could get an exit to the Aegean sea. This plan just like their usual tactics of "creating nations" is shown in the following quote: