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    Fame un spritz - Sir Oliver Skardy & Fahrenheit 451 ...


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    Official videoclip of “Fame un spritz” taken from the album "Piragna" directed by Antonio Morelli © 2011 Ossigeno
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    The video-clip represents the memory of a now gone Venetian style: once to have a spritz (vine based cocktail) in “campo” (small Venetian square) represented an important moment of the social life that has become today a prohibitive and exasperated rite. The scenes have as background the unmistakable Venice and the beach with the exotic taste of the island of Sant'Erasmo, considered "the market garden of Venice" and one of the few islands to have preserved the intact charm of the Venetian lagoon.

    "The song speaks of the Venetian style of the appetizer, and particularly of the spritz, of the habit of the people to meet in a square. Today - Sir Oliver Skardy affirms - it is an exasperated rite: on one side there is no education: the younger people see the spritz as a way to get insanely drunk, and on the other the prohibitions around it: is not anymore a reason to party, but just a motive to be controlled."
    "Fame un spritz" wants to be more than a tribute to the explosion of the fashion of this appetizer, a constructive criticism and a message for young people. At the end of the video-clip Sir Oliver Skardy in fact toasts with Valerio Silvestri (with him in Pitura Freska) with a simple glass of water.