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    Destra Sinistra - Sir Oliver Skardy & Fahrenheit 451 ...


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    Official videoclip of "Destra Sinistra" taken from the album "Piragna" directed by Giovanni Milanese © 2008 Ossigeno
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    A double tribute/revisitating of two great artists of the Italian and international music.

    For the video of “Destra Sinistra” cover of Giorgio Gaber’s song and single that anticipates the release of the new album, Sir Oliver Skardy & Fahrenheit 451 have decided to revive and to personalize another “classic”, forerunner of the actual videoclips: “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan, from the documentary "Don't Look Back" (1967) by D. A. Pennebaker.

    The Gaber song denounces the levelling of that that is in Italy "of right and of left", not more an opposition of values but a simple attitude of façade.
    In a country continually in a electoral campaign, in a more and more confused and unmanageable political situation, Sir Oliver Skardy & Fahrenheit 451 update the Gaber song both musically and in the contents, underlining with irony vices and sins of the right and the left.