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    David Wood's Awkward Moment During Debate


    by ChristianDialogue

    The following excerpt was taken from the debate took place at the University of California, USA between Ali Ataie and David Wood Representing the Muslim perspective was Ali Ataie: Altaie is the founder and president of the Muslim Interfaith Council. He was born in Tehran, Iran and came to the United States in 1979. Altaie earned his bachelor's degree in accounting from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. He is currently a visiting assistant instructor of religious studies at Cal Poly, as well as an instructor of apologetics at the World Alliance for Humanity in Fremont, California. He is a student of sacred knowledge at Zaytuna Institute in Hayward, California and an author of several books. His organization is dedicated to spreading and defending the truth about Islam in America. His two books include "In Defense of Islam: Confronting the Christians with Their Own Scriptures" and "Injil-ul Haq: the True Gospel of Jesus Christ." Representing the Christian side was Mr. David Wood: David is a former atheist, he converted to Christianity after examining the evidence for Gods existence He is a Teaching Fellow at Fordham University, where he teaches Philosophical Ethics He holds degrees in Biology and Philosophy and is coauthor of the book Who Was Jesus? Who Was Muhammad? Two Debates The Topic was Who was Muhammad? The Christian and Muslim Perspectives