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    Learn Chinese with Carol: Lesson 2 - How are you? (你好嗎?)

    482 流覽量 In this lesson, we will learn "how are you" in Mandarin. Hope you still remember "你好" (ni3 hao3) from the first lesson! Simply add "嗎" (ma1) at the end of "你好" (ni3 hao3). Together, "你好嗎" (ni3 hao3 ma1) means "how are you" in Mandarin. To respond, you can say 我很好, 謝謝 (wo3 hen3 hao3 xie4 xie) 我 (wo3) means I 很 (hen3) means very 好 (hao3) means good or well 謝謝 (xie4 xie) means thank you 我很好, 謝謝 (wo3 hen3 hao3 xie4 xie) means "I'm very good, thank you." Panda寶寶(bao3 bao), Monkey貝貝(bei4 bei), and blue bird飛飛(fai1 fai) will demonstrate for us: 寶寶 (bao3 bao) 貝貝,你好嗎? 貝貝 (bei4 bei): 我很好,謝謝。寶寶,你好嗎? 寶寶 (bao3 bao) 我很好,謝謝。你好,我是寶寶。 飛飛 (fai1 fai): 你好,我是飛飛。你好嗎? 寶寶 (bao3 bao): 我很好,謝謝。 Don't forget to practice and we'll see you next time 再見(zai4 jian4)! (oh, btw, 再見(zai4 jian4) means "see you again", one more thing to learn before you go! 再見!)