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    Reddit closes 'jailbait', reveals its seedy side

    1 116 流覽量 Digg was once the link aggregator of choice among nerds. However, Reddit has gone from a copy cat to the top dog. In addition to aggregating links, redditors formed a strong community that generated its own content. However, Reddit has a dark side. Any user can start a sub-forum on any topic. In one, called "Jailbait", redditors posted sexy pictures of underage girls. It got shut down, not for content, but because mods were behaving badly. Other offensive sub-reddits are left untouched out of respect for free speech. Reddit's parent company Conde Nast has not reined it in. Maybe it's too busy producing its own jailbait. If public sentiment ever drives them out, displaced redditors can always find somewhere else to post their 4chan.