Aero - Chants Magnétiques 2


par Dart974

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I love the way Jean Michel slams those keyboards all the way up and down. Who says electronic music is dispassionate. He is the most passionate performer I have ever witnessed in this world. I love his positive energy and passion and apparently he is as passionate about this planet as I am. I am crazy about this guy's music. Nothing in 22 years has stirred me like this. I love Jean Michel Jarre. He is not living in his father's shadow, he has far surpassed anything his father ever composed. Just listen to Chronologie 4 and see if you don't agree with me; is it not the most beautiful piece of music ever composed? Je t'aime a en mourire, Jean Michel!
Par Angela Deimling Il y a 3 ans
...sur la voie lactée...
Par mandarine-25 Il y a 8 ans
Par darksyde Il y a 8 ans
hbay que hacer una web de este interprete es lo mejor ricardo
Par zendo nahir gutierrez Il y a 9 ans
este video esta espctacular
Par zendo nahir gutierrez Il y a 9 ans