Jesse Jackson suit: ex-employee alleges gay harassment



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  • 添加 Gay radio star Tommy Bennett alleges that a former employer, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, unfairly dismissed him because of his sexual orientation. Among the allegations, Bennett claims he was forced to clean up after Jackson's hotel trysts. He also claims that in 2008 he was verbally abused when he refused to rub cream on a rash between Jackson's legs. During another incident, Bennett says Jackson related a story about his youth. According to Bennett, Jackson had a football coach who would give him oral pleasure. This was Jackson's way of hinting he wanted oral sex from Bennett. Bennett is asking for $98,300 in lost pay and benefits, and another $350,000 for emotional distress and punitive damages. Jackson has been married to his wife since 1962 but hasn't always been faithful. An affair with an office staffer resulted in an illegitimate child in 1999. READ MORE HERE: ;