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    East Africa food crisis appeal: Christian Community Services in Kenya


    by ChristianAid

    The impact of the Christian Aid East Africa food crisis appeal means that partners like the Christian Community Services (CCS) can scale up their work in northern Kenya. CCS supports communities by providing animal feed to ensure that the remaining animals have a great chance of survival. The animals are central to peoples livelihoods and means people are able to provide their families, particularly young children with milk. Some areas have not had rain for four years, so the water tankering provided by CCS is essential. CCS also supports community boreholes, these boreholes can provide water for tens of thousands of animals. People are hoping and praying for the October rains as water pans (reservoirs) are beginning to run dry. CCS are committed to long term development in Kenya. Their hope is that in the future the communities that they work with will not be reliant on outside agencies for aid, but will be able to support themselves during drought periods. To find out more about Christian Aid's East Africa appeal please visit Many thanks for your support.