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    Who was Jesus? God or Man? ( Rebuttals - 3 of 4 )


    by xicg_1

    Is Jesus Christ a man, or is he God? Did He ever claim to be God? What does the Bible say about the identity of Jesus Christ? Is the Trinity Biblical? Representing the Unitarian perspective was Sir Anthony Farquhar Buzzard: Sir Buzzard is a Unitarian Christian, He was born in Surrey, England and educated at Oxford University and Bethany Theological Seminary. He holds master's degrees in theology and modern languages. Retiring after 24 years on the staff of Atlanta Bible College, Anthony continues to write, teach and travel, fulfilling a life-long desire to make the best of Bible scholarship available to the wider churchgoing public. He runs the website Books by Sir Buzzard: 1- The Doctrine of the Trinity: Christianity's Self-Inflicted Wound (1998) 2- Jesus Was Not a Trinitarian (2007) 3- Our Fathers Who Aren't in Heaven: The Forgotten Christianity of Jesus, the Jew (1995) Representing the Trinitarian side was Drew Ayers The Topic of Debate: Who was Jesus? God or Man? Sir Anthony Farquhar Buzzard vs. Drew Ayers ( Blountstown, Florida, USA November 3, 2007 )