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    BravoTwo by Love4aviation


    by Love4aviation

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    Find the 3 basic aerobatic manœuvres.
    First view shows the instrument panel and controls. Second view shows only the G-Meter. Third view shows only the Air Speed Indicator. By “Basic Manoeuvre” we include: Loop, Quarter clover rolling, Barrel roll, Aileron roll, Stall turn, Half Cuban eight, Half roll off the top, Slow roll, Spin.
    Video speed is in real time. Aircraft is a Slingsby T67M.
    January 2012
    Winners BravoTwo video quiz-in order of reception of answers:
    - Mathias “piggy” through the French forum “le forum des pilotes privés”.
    - Bucko44 through our Youtube channel:
    - Jihef through the French forum “Jeunes Ailes”:
    1) ENG:Aileron Roll/Slow roll. FR: Tonneau/Tonneau lent. Both answers are acceptable as in the Slingsby, all rolls are “slow”. It couldn’t have been a quarter clover rolling. Clues available: position of the sun at the end of the manoeuvre (still on the left hand side), rudder pedal work.
    2) ENG:Loop. FR:Boucle. It couldn’t have been a stall turn. Clue: The load factor stays longer at 4g during a loop than during a stall turn, in a stall turn you aren’t going that much negative at the top of the manoeuvre.
    3) ENG:Stall turn. FR:Renversement. It couldn’t have been a tail slide. Clue available: sound of engine. It couldn’t have been a half Cuban height. Clue: airspeed doesn’t go so low in a half Cuban height (otherwise in a Slingsby, it flicks by itself).