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    Chinese Company Creates Robot Lion Dancer


    by NTDTelevision

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    With the Chinese New Year coming up, many are already beginning to plan festivities. But one very popular New Year’s tradition has just gotten a little stranger. A company in the southern city of Foshan has made a robotic lion dancer. But is it as good as the original? Let's take a look.

    Age-old Chinese traditions are being roboticized. It took three years of research and development to make this mechanized dancing robot. And at a price tag of 62-thousand US dollars, it costs just more than a high performance automobile.

    Lion dances have long been used for celebrations in China and Chinese communities around the world. It’s believed the dancing scares off misfortune and brings good luck. Because of the physical demands on the dancers, martial artists usually were used as the performers. Whether or not they will lose the job to their mechanical counterparts remains to be seen.