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    The Question of God - Sigmund Freud And C.S. Lewis - 3/6

    Simon Oswitch

    by Simon Oswitch

    3/6: The guilt of killing Moses actually created Judaism however, this guilt would be assuaged only by the later sacrifice of Jesus and the introduction of Christianity which the Jews rejected... thus, for Freud, the world repays Judaism with eternal hatred - following the Nazi 'anschluss' of Austria in 1938, Freud left for England... Freud, an atheist and now an exile, interpreted his own impending death in terms of psychoanalytic theory - the result was the completion of "Moses and Monotheism" which outraged both Jews and Christians... Freud died in 1939 from a physician-assisted overdose of morphine "not asking for consolation... (embodying) a rebellious defiance and conqueror's stance"...