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    United Kingdom Talk Friday 16th December 2011

    Chris Reardon

    by Chris Reardon

    Friday's talk show.
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    Are you a moaner ?
    Catch unwanted dribbles.
    "Colours" in Basildon.
    Skinny little things.
    We had no friends.
    The return of Fag Ash Lil.
    Nigel Farage.
    Half a tomato every 2 days.
    She can't keep her gob shut.
    Do I go on ?
    Lisa at "Virgin Active"
    So many losers in the world.
    2 seconds of thought.
    Fondant fancies around my waist.
    Bleeding radiators.
    Crisp idea.
    Marks & Spencer vouchers.
    Goodbye Europe.