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    Children's medium used for dissemination of truth

    21 流覽量 Guest written by David O'Reilly. Working at Next Media Animation is a load of fun. Everyday, we search online for all the news from around the world that's fit to animate, be it politics, entertainment, sports, or other off-beat news that are just truly bizarre. Sometimes, we get to work with TV shows and personalities. The best, however, is working with our 350 talented and passionate animators who turn our scripts into reality. In August, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Irish animator David O'Reilly when he stopped by the studio. Guest written by O'Reilly and produced by Next Media Animation, the result is the really, weird, and, fun, video here. Truth-creating and metaphor-injecting factory, quality control by Taiwanese scientists, Uncle Sam as a naughty child being spanked by we-don't-know-who, bong-smoking US Congress, hope-carrying Obama bird... and that's only the beginning! Enjoy the video and let us know what you think!