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    Chris Brown on Good Morning America, flips out and trashes dressing room

    419 流覽量 Singer Chris Brown appeared on Good Morning America to promote his new album, but lost his cool when asked about his beating of his ex, Rihanna. Brown was so mad, he reportedly smashed a backstage window with a chair. Witnesses say he talked to the producer then fled the building bare-chested before security arrived. He quickly turned to Twitter, wondering why people like Charlie Sheen are praised for their missteps while he himself continues to be chastised. Brown only received probation and community service for the felony assault, leading many suggest he got off too easily. A judge recently scaled back a restraining order against him. Brown has tried to rehabilitate his image since the crime. He performed a tearful tribute to Michael Jackson at last year's BET Awards, though some questioned his sincerity. Will Chris Brown ever fully escape his past, or will he be lumped in with all the other singer/losers?