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    Homeowners And Bank Protection Bill


    by GrahamAndFriends

    I have permission to upload this entire documentary. This video was produced by the LaRouche Youth Movement Australia. Don't let the corruption continue to destroy our world. For more Information contact the Citizens Electoral Council on (Australia +61) 1800 636 432 Email : Web: Youtube: Would you think it a wise decision, to trust a doctor who failed to diagnose your disease, to then treat you for it? Or, to put it more aptly, would you trust a doctor who gave you the disease, to then treat you for it? What, then, should we think of the behaviour of those economic illiterates, walking the halls of our Federal Parliament, or of those occupying the high seats of Australia's banking establishment, who are supposed to be providing a solution to this Nations current economic sickness? Following the outbreak of the global financial disintegration in July of 2007—a disintegration that only U.S. economist Lyndon LaRouche, and the CEC, had forecast and warned about—Australia's economic illiterates have continually insisted that no one could have foreseen this crisis, and that this is just a cyclical downturn and the markets will bounce back. These statements are lies. This current economic system has as much chance of bouncing back as a banker does after jumping out of a building and hitting the pavement. The question to ask is: if these illiterates could not identify the causes of the economic disease, what possible chance is there that their policies will successfully return the real economy to good health? These rhetorical questions are not trivial; they concern the very life or death of nations around the world, and of the health and wellbeing of Australia as a nation, and of you, its citizens. As has been repeatedly outlined by LaRouche, since he pronounced the current economic system dead, on 25th July 2007, the only way to protect nations from falling apart in a chain reaction collapse, and to stave off the collapse of civilization into a New Dark Age like that of the 14th Century, is to build a new global economic framework, based on a new global Credit System, which overturns the economic foolery of the last fifty years. Together with this essential shift, LaRouche proposed the Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill in August of 2007—emergency legislation to place a freeze on all home repossessions and mortgages, while bringing all legitimate banks under federal bankruptcy protection. These measures are the only solution to this crisis that can possibly work. Since January of 2008, the CEC, together with the LaRouche Youth Movement (LYM) in Australia, began mobilising around the country for the Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill. That policy, more urgent today than it was then, must be adopted and implemented nationally to provide protection for Australians from economic and social chaos, and to prevent an imminent collapse of Australia's bankrupt banking system. The CEC and LYM have launched a new phase in that national mobilisation for the HBPB. In order to counter the widespread lies about the current economic crisis, and to explain the actual causes of this crisis, while providing an insight into the unique method of Lyndon LaRouche as an economic forecaster, the CEC and LYM have today released its first feature policy documentary video, titled Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill: The Only Solution. This documentary, produced by the Australian LaRouche Youth Movement, is an organising weapon, intended to catalyse the necessary economic and intellectual revolution which will replace the current failed economic system of globalisation, and bring the many criminals responsible for causing the current economic disintegration to justice. The release of this feature video, is a weapon for you to organise and mobilise for the HBPB and a new economic system globally. Dont swallow the garbage of the economic illiterates—it is not medicine. Order copies of Homeowners and Bank Protection Bill: The Only Solution and mobilise in your community, and burn the tails of your political representatives.