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    Free Hugs In A Borat Mankini


    by GrahamAndFriends

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    BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK! or just search for 'Graham Friend FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! GOOGLE+ PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS If you like this video, please share it with your friends, family and work mates! Spread the Free Hugs message, by featuring this video on your own youtube channel! Does anyone know of any tv shows that show videos from youtube? Send them the link to this video if you like, so we can help spread the Free Hugs campaign! Free Hugs In a Borat Mankini! Hopefully my little video will help people realise that we are here on this planet together, all Human Beings, and all of us need more Hugs and Love and Smiles. So please spread the Hugs and Love and Smiles around! :) Making this video was heaps of fun. Everyone was very nice. It was filmed in New Farm, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia on Oct 25, 2008. A big thank you goes out to everyone involved in this video. Hugs to you all. The Borat mankini was able to stretch alot, but it sure gave me a serious wedgie! Does anyone know what type of orange sports car that is at the end of this video? Yes, the car is a rare, and expensive Audi R8, and a lovely orange colour too! :) This video is part of my "Before Series" of videos. Heaps of people have been asking me where did I get my mankini from? Well you can get them online from My Stats: Height: 187 cms/6' 3" Weight: 225 kgs/495 lbs/35 stone