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    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic - Episode 29, "Lesson Zero"


    by Jonny_Manz

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    Bun Bun Gaming
    HOW TO DISTORY SOMETHING: Have Rainbow Dash do a Sonic Rainboom.
    By Bun Bun Gaming3 weeks ago
    o_o flutter shy and twilight the killer...
    Dmaest Grim
    This episode... was hilarious. Twilight going insane like this is the best. Also, have they updated the character's designs somehow ? Like, the colors, maybe ?
    By Dmaest GrimLast year
    Arioch Starr
    I'm surprised I failed to mention the scenes where the time slowly moves on. It's creepy. It's kinda like Majora's Mask where you know time's always moving forward, and when it's past it's third day, you're in trouble. Creeps me out.
    By Arioch StarrLast year
    Arioch Starr
    It's her attitude. She's so full of herself, thinking she's someone.
    By Arioch StarrLast year
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