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    Enterprise Video Trends: A Real World Perspective - ...

    Larry Kless

    by Larry Kless

    Nick Balletta has been in the live webcasting business for a long time, and as CEO of Talkpoint, his company has helped shape the online video industry by providing clients, the technology and services to build scalable video communications. Talkpoint's predecessor – NextVenue – pioneered the live interactive webcasts since 1998, and its roots that go back to CNBC/Dow Jones desktop video. Talkpoint operates as a SaaS based model with overlay production services for large, live, interactive and secure video and audio webcasts. It facilitates more than 20,000 live webcasting events per year for the top Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.

    I caught up with Balletta again earlier this year to talk about the latest enterprise video trends. He shared the latest real world data his company had collected over the last two years, that showed a significant growth in both the adoption and expansion of video within enterprise communications. I first spoke with Balletta last year at Streaming Media East, where he told me that webcasting for enterprise communications may finally be reaching a tipping point.

    Anecdotes from TalkPoint.....

    • Self Service Video webcasting increasing
    • Automation (Saas)
    • Flexible Signal Acquisition
    • Ease of use
    • Flash viewership is on the rise
    • Live streaming
    • Not just progressive downloads
    • IT staffs adding support (Proxy servers, firewalls)
    • The battle for video standards creates opportunity
    • Adobe, Apple, Microsoft
    • Enterprise users don’t care about HTML5....yet
    • Even with video webcasting on the rise audio webcasting is here to stay