Weekly news insurances December 12, 2011 with Paul Ryman-Tubb from the MIB

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In this week's top news Allianz reveal's that economic turbulences in Europe seem to be slightly declining, Aon Benfield released its latest Aggregate report and Paul Ryman-Tubb from the MIB outlines the CIE to a journalist for News Assurances.
Allianz's recent Euro Monitor Report reveals that since the global financial crisis began in 2007 there seems to be a decline in the economic turbulences in Europe. The report, which Allianz says is an "early warning tool measuring the stability of the Euro area" shows positive signs for the Eurozone.
In Aon Benfield's latest Aggregate report, the European debt crisis had a minimal effect on the reinsurance sector. The only company to suffer a noticeable loss was Munich Re, who had around EUR8 billion of direct exposure to the crisis.
For the 60th anniversary of the French guarantee fund, insurers and road safety officials met to discuss how the insurance sector can influence road safety.
At the seminar, Paul Ryman-Tubb, Claims Integrity Controller at the Motor Insurance Bureau outlined for our French Colleagues at News Assurances how the UK is equipped to tackle uninsured driving.

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