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    Healing Water Attracts Tourists in Truskavets Ukraine


    by NTDTelevision

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    Truskavets resort - one of the oldest health resorts in Europe. Annually it is visited by 200 thousand people from around the world. And all thanks to the healing water, which can wash down stones from kidney. Our Ukrainian correspondents tasted wonderful drink as well.

    In this small town in Ukraine, the tourist season never ends. And it's all thanks to the medicinal properties of the water from the local springs.

    The most popular has an unlikely name - "Naftusia" - from the Ukrainian word for 'petroleum'. And that's because besides mineral salts, it contains organic petroleum compounds.

    And it has the taste and smell to prove it.

    Some tourists, like this Italian who comes three times a year, are regular customers at the resort - called Truskavets.

    [Giuseppe Cortese, Tourist from Italy]:
    "Naftusya is good for the stomach."

    About 200 thousand tourists annually come to Truskavets. And they're all convinced they've stumbled on a great thing.

    [Nina Belodetko, Tourist]:
    "The water is beautiful. I have had small stones - 4 mm in size. And now there is just a small sand. But you have to be regular about it."

    Advocates claim the water improves metabolism, helps pass stones, restores liver cells, removes toxins and is good for the stomach and pancreas. But for all these benefits it has one drawback.

    [Anna Varavva, NTD correspondent]:
    "Due to the large number of minerals "Naftusya" can erode tooth enamel. Therefore, it has a special nozzle for drinking. This way the water can go straight into the throat without touching the teeth."

    Also the organic substances are quickly destroyed when exposed to air, so to drink "Naftusya" you have to stay in the pump room.

    And come again to Truskavets.

    NTD News, Truskavets, Ukraine