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    Trucks and Skulls NITRO

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    Trucks and Skulls NITRO is easy to play and loaded with explosions, collapsing buildings, wicked cool art, and the most epic collection of Monster Trucks ever!

    DOOMSTONE -- Use this armored semi truck to smash down concrete and steel defenses!
    DIVEOSAURUS -- This one man rocket needles through the narrowest gaps, and twists and turns to bring down death from above!
    INSANERATOR -- Bloated, loaded with fuel, and explodes on a hair trigger!
    THRUSTMONSTER -- Fast, furious, and won't take "no" for an answer!
    BOMBZILLA -- Your buzz-bombing bunker-buster, arcing high above the fray and dropping hellbombs on target!
    TRICLOPS -- The truck that flies into the air, and then bursts into a hail of deadly missiles!