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    Women & Marriage in the Qur'an and Bible ( Rebuttals - 3 of 4 )


    by xicg_1

    What is the status of women in the Bible and the Qur'an ? How do the Bible view women? How do the Qur'an view women? No other issue is more loaded with emotions than what the place of women is in the respective religions. Representing the Muslim perspective was Dr. Tabasum Hussain: Dr. Hussain was born and raised in London, England She acquired a BSc(HONS) in Biological Sciences at the University of Westminster, an MSc in Advanced Neuroscience at University College London, and lived in Australia for six years acquiring a PhD in Psychological Medicine (Neuroscience) at Monash University, Victoria. Recently settled with family in Toronto, Canada. Outside of her profession she has developed an interest over the years in Muslim-Christian Apologetics. Dr. Hussain has recently become a member of the Muslim Debate Initiative to become more involved in debate/dialogue focusing on women`s issues in the Bible vs the Quran. Representing the Christian side was Beth Grove; Grove is a British grad student in theology, she is part of Hyde Park Christian Fellowship, a group of London evangelicals who study Islam and Muslim communities to bring the gospel to Muslims. Their methods put off Christians who prefer a less confrontational approach. She debates the place of women in traditional Islam, in contrast to New Testament teaching. She has has recently completed an MTh in Islamics at the London School of Theology entitled, 'Women in Islam: Scriptural Perspectives and Modern Arguments'. She has debated Muslims on the street level at Speaker's Corner for the past two years. The Topic of Debate: Women & Marriage in the Qur'an and Bible Dr. Tabasum Hussain ( vs. Beth Grove ( ) ( WestBourne Park, Baptist Church, London, UK, 5th March, 2010 )