From Darkness to Light : How the Bible Led Me to Islam? - Musa Cerantonio

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Why did I choose Islam? Why I'm no longer a Catholic? Is Catholicism Pagan? Incredible Conversion Story of an Australian Brother: Musa Cerantonio Musa was born as a Roman Catholic. In the year 2000 He visited the Holy Door of the Vatican Basilica in Rome, Italy, Find out what happened. The Topic: How the Bible Led Me to Islam? A talk by brother Musa Cerantonio 


Catolicos. Only one true church.
By clownface5 2 years ago
Muhammad was a dog. And a pedofile, Who rapes a 9 year old girl? An effin pig. Christians preach "love your brother." Muslims preach "kill". Keep it up. We will end up killing you, just like in Tours and in Spain, and in Jerusalem. Wait for Byzanzio. Al Aqsa will not last much longer. It will become a Church or Temple soon. And mecca and medina, peasant towns, will soon be annihilated. 2013. But I only say this in jest, I am just joking, Hahahahaqh.
By clownface5 2 years ago
For Law Enforcement Purposes, I say this only in jest.... We are going to do what they do to Christians. The Hungarians and Romanians chopped their heads off and put them on pikes. Come back to America or come back to Italy. Petzo di merda. Vien aca. Ti cortiamo la testa. E tutta tua famiglia. Adesso io vedo dove abbita tua familia in Calabria. Ti amazziamo. Alham Dulilah. Y que sepas que solo el dios Cristiano es el unico.
By clownface5 2 years ago