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    Portsmouth VA Dentist on Wisdom Tooth, Dental Office Chesapeake, 23705


    by DentistPortsmouthVA

    Dentist Portsmouth VA ,gets to the root of wisdom tooth in this video interview. Wisdom tooth had a purpose in the early development of humans, as the diet was less refined. No longer having a purpose in today’s human, the appearance of wisdom tooth can be problematic if there is not enough space for the tooth. Should infection or pain accompany the wisdom tooth, it is advised to have the tooth extracted sooner than later; an easier extraction is possible when the patient is treated at a younger age. With a skilled oral surgeon and the availability of medication, pain and discomfort can be minimized.
    Portsmouth Dentist also serves the following cites & zip codes: Norfolk, Chesapeake, 23705, 23709, 23708, 23707, 23514, 23702.
    Video by Xtranormal