Lunar Eclipse Draws Stargazers Outside in Tokyo & Beijing


by NTDTelevision

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A rare sight in the skies for many around the world Saturday night. A complete lunar eclipse was visible from most parts of the world, except South America. And in China and Japan, people took advantage of the opportunity to get outside for the spectacle.

On Saturday evening, the moon disappeared briefly for China and Japan. Many spectators went out to witness the lunar eclipse, said to be the best in a decade.

In Beijing, the moon began moving into the Earth's shadow around 7:30 at night.

[Beijing Resident]:
"I've known for days that the lunar eclipse was going to take place today. They said the eclipse would start from 7:30pm and go to 9:30pm. The moon hasn't been fully blocked yet, but it will be totally blocked soon. It's very beautiful. I am in a very good mood. Everyone is happy."

[Li Ting-Ting, Beijing Resident]:
"This is the first time I've see a complete lunar eclipse. I am very excited and happy. It's so beautiful."

Residents in Tokyo were also out, watching the disappearing moon.

[Satoshi Otsuka, 12-Years-Old]:
"It's mysterious and intriguing because the shape of the moon keeps changing."

[Hitoshi Fukazawa, Watching the Eclipse]:

"I feel a little bit sad looking at the moon slowing disappearing."

The eclipse lasted over 3 hours, with 52 minutes of total eclipse. China's next visible lunar eclipse will be in 2018, while Japan will be able to catch a glimpse of one in 2014.