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    Was Jesus Really Crucified? ( Mary's Opening Statement - 1 of 4 )


    by xicg_1

    Did Jesus die on the Cross? Did Jesus Know He would die on the Cross? Was Jesus Christ Crucified as a Willing Sacrifice for the sins of the world? Did Jesus get crucified according to Islam? Representing the Muslim perspective was Ehteshaam Gulam: Mr Ghulam is a researcher of comparative religion, and a student of Eastern Michigan University. He runs the website He is currently working on his first publication, "From Christianity to Islam". Representing the Christian side was Mary Jo Sharp: Mary is a former Atheist, an author and Christian apologist. She is a Certified Apologetics Instructor with the North American Mission Board (Southern Baptist Convention). Mary Jo holds a M.A. in Christian Apologetics with honors from Biola University (May 2008) and holds a Bachelors Degree in Music Education with distinction from the University of Oklahoma. She runs this blog The Topic of Debate: Was Jesus Really Crucified? Ehteshaam Ulhaq Gulam vs. Mary Jo Sharp (the Center for Religious Debate, Michigan, USA June 21st 2009) For further information on upcoming or previous debates click here ;