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    Who was Jesus? ( Nabeel's Opening Statement - 1 of 5 )


    by xicg_1

    What do you believe about Jesus? Is he a good man? Is he a prophet? Or is he, as Christians believe, actually divine? What do Muslims believe about Jesus? Is he a prophet or more than a prophet? Why is it important to understand the differences between the Christian and Islamic views of Jesus? The May Debates A truly remarkable series of four debates on four different questions. Day 2 : Who was Jesus? Representing the Muslim perspective was Imam Farhan Qureshi, Farhan is a former Ahmadi (Qadyani) who reverted to Islam at the age of 17 He is a young scholar on Islam and comparative religion. He is a member of the Muslim Dawah Initiative its formed of members from the Muslim community with experience in public speaking, apologetics, polemics, research and community work. Farhan is a well known expert in Ahmaddyia Movement He runs the website Representing the Christian side was Nabeel Qureshi, Nabeel is a former Ahmadi (Qadyani) Christian Apologist. He is currently pursuing an MD at Eastern Virginia Medical School and has just finished the coursework for his MA in Christian Apologetics at Biola University in CA. He runs the website The Topic of Debate: Who was Jesus? Imam Farhan Qureshi ( vs. Nabeel Qureshi ( Jackson Memorial Baptist Church, Chesapeake, Virginia, USA May 10th 2009 ) For further information on upcoming or previous debates click here