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    6 Live Shahadas with Sheikh Yusuf Estes & Pierre Vogel ( 2 of 2 )


    by xicg_1

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    Years ago, when Sheikh Yusuf Estes was a Christian minister, he attempted to convert a Muslim. In return, the brother offered him, "If I'm ready to go to your religion if you have something better than what I have, are you ready to come to my religion if I have something better than what you have...?" Sheikh Estes communicates in this lecture, which takes place in Germany, how it is that Islamic Character is the best kind of daw'ah. Learn here about this form of da'wah they recieved from this brother that brought Brother Estes, his wife, father and a Catholic Priest to Islam. Brother Pierre Vogel also known as Abu Hamza is a German Islamic preacher and former professional Boxer. As a youth Vogel took up boxing, becoming German Junior-Master. After 66 amateur fights he turned professional at the age of 22, fighting as a Cruiserweight for the Sauerland club and was undefeated in seven bouts. Vogel embraced Islam in 2001 and started Islamic studies in Germany. For two years he studied Arabic and the Quran at the private school Om Al-Qura in Mecca and started 2006 teaching Islam in mosques, Universities and even amongst Christian congregations. Hundreds of Germans have converted to Islam through his lectures and seminar The Topic: 4 Live Shahadas with Sheikh Yusuf Estes & Pierre Vogel (Stuttgart, Germany July 25th 2008)