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    Judaism, Christianity or Islam: Which is the True Legacy of Abraham? ( 2nd Rebuttal - 4 of 5 )


    by ChristianDialogue



    Msbah Choudhury
    I all ways find juesh people are the weirdest people in this whole world.and islam has nothing to do with juesh relegion.these people naver listen to anyone  they didn't even listen to there prophet so what can we hope from them.and why would they listen to anyone.they denied there prophet over and over again coz all they wantvis signe and even till today they are waiting for there prophet when dajjal comes they will worship him and they are waiting for him they eill ssy master we was waiting for you. after that jesus will defeat him.
    By Msbah ChoudhuryLast year
    Msbah Choudhury
    son of a bitch who are you to say anything bad about muslims beard.just take a look at your self first.and what do you call your self.islam is one of the fastest growing relegion in the west and in the world and islam is the only relegion for all humankind. and mohammed is not only gor muslim he is the last prophet for all the humankind same as jesus he is a mightiest messenger for all humankind.even when jesus came evrn he said about muhammed coming. so muhammad is the last prophet of allah.many time muslim scolers challenged Christian to have debate and if they can show in bible jesus claim devinity then they will except Christianity. but muslims are so sure that he is a prophet not god.even Christian knows he is not god but he is a mighty prophet of allah.
    By Msbah ChoudhuryLast year