Jesus in Islam ( 1 of 3 )


by xicg_1

Is Jesus Christ God or just a prophet? What do Muslims believe about Jesus? Is he a prophet or more than a prophet? Jesus Christ (pbuh), just as all the other prophets, is a chosen servant of God whom God assigned to summon people to the true path. However, there are some attributes of Jesus distinguishing him from other prophets, the most important one being that he was raised up to God and that he will come back to earth again. Sheikh Ahmed Muhammed Lawan is a scholar on Islamic science and comparative religion. He attended Kumasi Technical Institute, Ghana. Sh. Awal also graduated from Kadawa College of Irrigation in Kano Nigeria. He then furthered his course at Kaduna Polytechnic, college of Environmental Studies in Kaduna state Nigeria. Sh. Awal is currently the director of ZDI with head-quarters in Seattle Washington state. He is also the founder/member of Islamic Science Propagation Center International ISPCI, Seattle WA. He is also the dawah director of south Seattle Islamic Center SSIC, Seattle, WA. USA. The Topic: Jesus in Islam A talk by Sheikh Ahmed Muhammed Awal (