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    Christianity Explained


    by ChristianDialogue

    Christianity is a faith based on the belief that Jesus Christ is the son of God, sent to earth to save mankind from the punishment of sin. It is also the belief that every person has been given an opportunity through Jesus' death and resurrection to enter into a personal relationship with God on earth and for eternity. The result of making a commitment to Christ is a changed life. Believing that the Bible is the living breathing Word of God and without error, Christians use it as a guide book to instruct the way to live. The Topic: Christianity Explained Shabir Ally is the host of a weekly TV program "Let the Qur'an Speak" which is being viewed throughout Canada. In this lecture he critically examines various Christian doctrines in the light of Christian scriptures themselves, and questions the various assumptions that have already hobbled Christianity for over 2,000 years. (Widescreen, Birmingham University, UK March 2000)