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    Home Décor: Functional Bedding

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Home Décor: Functional Bedding - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Let us talk about a simple bed, a simple bedding look. Sometimes people get too many pillows on their bed, sometimes they wonder how much color, design, I need on my bed. Sometimes just thinking about a simple look means changing your duvet cover or your comforter to something that is not so busy. Something that is maybe monochromatic or a simple design, and allowing your pillows to be the design element that catches the eye and brings in the embellishments. You can also eliminate some of the pillows to make it a more simple look. And stay with just your sleep pillows, two decorative pillows and one throw pillow. It is nice to change your bedding, but it is also nice to change it for a reason. Changing your bedding because it is spring and summer versus winter and fall is a good reason to change the bedding looks. You might have warm earthly tones during the winter and light, playful pastel colors or white in the summertime or in the spring. Another simple tip for changing the bedding look is to just simply change the throw. And you do not have to do an expensive throw. Any department store seasonally changes their bedding looks, and so you will always be able to find a different look at any time of year that you are looking. It might be for a particular guest, it might be for a particular room, but you will be able to find it inexpensively at most department stores. My final tip for changing the bedding look in your bedroom is to actually change pieces of furniture from one room to another. You might pull in a different chair, or a table, an accent table, or maybe a pillow in a another room wants to come in to a different room along with that chair. So the key is just to have fun. And those are some simple tips to change the functional look of your bedding.