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    Creative Birthday Card Styles

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Creative Birthday Card Styles - as part of the shopping series by GeoBeats. Handmade birthday cards are always the best. I am here to show you some of my favorite birthday cards. This one is a Feliz Cumpleanos card featuring a cut little pinata. That is a lot of candy in there. Num, num, num. This card brings back memories of whipping that pinata at your third birthday party. I know everybody loves The Jolly Chimp musical toy from back in the day and so I have immortalized him in a card. This, like all of my cards, are block printed by hand. I start with an original hand drawn design. I carve a block, a separate block for each color that you see in an image. So we have yellow, black, pink, red and blue. Here is another handmade card. And this one is extra special because you can pull the tab to reveal the naked bearded lady. Hey big boy. Just imagine who would really enjoy this naughty little card. Here is another hand block printed birthday card. Great for kids. Great for adults. Pull the tab and there is a scary bear. Surprise. And there are a few designs of my handmade birthday cards. Everybody loves to get an extra special surprise in the mail.