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    Robert Downey Jr. - Top 10 Fun Facts

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Robert Downey Jr. - Top 10 Fun Facts - as part of the celebrities series by GeoBeats. 10. At 10 years old, Downey practiced the art of ballet. 9. Downey dated Sarah Jessica Parker for 7 years in the 80s but split due to his addictions. 8. Downey has been in rehabilitation centers 9 times. 7. Downey married his first wife after only 6 short weeks of dating. 6. Downey retained many old fashioned clothing items from his role in the movie Chaplin. 5. Downey has a tattoo entitled "Suzie Q" dedicated to his current wife Susan Downey. 4. While in jail, he got into a physical fight with another inmate, resulting in cuts on his face. 3. Since starring together in Air America, Downey and Mel Gibson have remained very close friends. 2. Downey had 5 months to gain 20 pounds of muscle for his role as Tony Stark in Iron Man. 1. Downey was introduced to marijuana at the young age of 6.