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    Hobie Cat Wham Bam Thank you Mam.

    Joe Rouse

    by Joe Rouse

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    |yaeehh great thing, like it
    By brookehia5 years ago
    ^^ lol Superbe video!
    By rajaaeiae6 years ago
    Scary awesome pitch poll there!
    By Zepcono7 years ago
    OK speed. Too bad I did not have video camera rolling back in my day. Me: 180 pounds. Crew: 240 pounds. Double traps. Both of us fully hiked out. Me as skipper ONLY one foot on boat I was so far back. Add Kansas [ land of tornadoes ] winds. We would literally scream across the water. When red flag went up by lake coast guard to signal small craft warning due to high winds, that is when we would head out to sail. Sailing upwind...a screaming reach is best fastest! TRUE AMAZING STORY: Once after pitch-poling I was righting the boat. I turned mast to point into wind. Whoosh a gust hit. The wind lifted the boat from on its side with sail completely in water..up out of the water...the boat went about 25 feet high into the air..did a complete somersault full 360 and landed about 70 yards from a piece of paper!!! john in kansas old school always willing to teach new school young hotie females all my hobie tricks
    By watertiger8 years ago
    very nice pitch pole
    By Skuly8 years ago
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