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identifies the structure of scales, and allows you to play ALL the scales as easily as the scale of C Major, or Do major, containing only white notes

learning method based upon the realization that scales are made up of 2 half-scales containing 7 half-tones each, the half-scales following each other according to the suite of notes of interval 7, and, reunited in pairs, procreating the 12 scales one after an another, to complet the cycle of the 12 full scales

the video contains the complete cycle of all 12 scales played on my midi keyboard, and video captured on my screen, as well as 5 information panels providing more details

(my technique is still mediocre, but has improved a lot since the discovery was made in early 2011, which is still developing - but the main improvement has been mental, as I am no longer ignorant, confused, and so easily tired during training)

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