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    Petrol Tanker Inferno Caught on Camera in Melbourne


    by NTDTelevision

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    Security cameras capture the moment a petrol tanker is engulfed by flames in Melbourne causing people at a nearby hotel to flee. The tanker driver is in hospital with serious burns.

    A petrol tanker was engulfed by flames causing panic among guests at a nearby hotel in Melbourne, Australia.

    It was a routine delivery to a petrol station.

    The tanker's driver had just stepped out of the vehicle when he was confronted by a wall of flames nearly 500 feet wide.

    The tanker was holding thousands of gallons of fuel at the time of the incident.

    Close by, at a nearby hotel bar, hundreds of patrons grabbed their belongings and fled, moments before flames leapt at the balcony.

    Local media reports the 35-year-old driver was taken to a Melbourne hospital with burns to his arms and legs, and is in a critical condition.

    The tanker has a large hole in the side of one of its tanks.

    It's thought fuel may have leaked down a hill, and somehow ignited.

    Around 100 fire fighters fought to stop the fire spreading.

    Authorities are investigating the cause of the fire.

    There were reports of lightning in the area at the time.