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    Iron Wars - iPhone Game Preview

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    ◆ HOW TO PLAY?
    Use the directional pad for movement control. Press the RIGHT red button to use the chosen weapon. Select new weapons you collect along the way, by swiping your finger on the bottom right hand side of the screen, below the firing button.

    ★ 3D game play
    ★ 32 levels in campaign mode
    ★ 9 different maps (space platforms, abandoned mines, forests, cemeteries with vaults etc.)
    ★ 3 game modes (Death match, Team death match, Domination)
    ★ Full range of weapons - from pistol and shotgun to plasma gun and rocket launcher!
    ★ Choose Quick Match Mode to play against customized smart bots
    ★Play WIFI with up to 6 of your friends!
    ★Two control methods: auto-lock and manual.