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    Advanced Nutrients Big Mike at Cannabis Cup 2011


    by urbangrower1

    119 views Big Mike of Advanced Nutrients talks to the Urban Grower, Remo, at Cannabis Cup, 2011. The CEO of AN pinpoints the pH Perfect launch in the U.S. as the first week of December, explaining that the State of California has approved pH Perfect, based on a scientific paper. Remo asks him about Jungle Juice--he says the 3-part is doing really well and announces a 2-part Jungle Juice in order to satisfy the marketplace that is looking for a cheaper way to grow hydroponics. He also says that a Komodo Coir nutrient, as well as a Big Bud Coco, are in the pipeline! Advanced Nutrients is now in 64 countries and is doing really well in Europe, especially Spain, Germany, and France. Check out the rest of Remo's Cannabis Cup videos at