Twilight Zone 1982 “Lyrics” Spiritual 31-


by copts

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  • Add to vxyx2z __ "Twilight Zone" was used as the theme song in the 1993 hit pinball game, "The Twilight Zone" (based on the classic TV series - "Twilight Zone" is a 1982 hit song by the Dutch hard rock band Golden Earring. Lead vocals on the song are performed first by George Kooymans (who speaks the lines up to, and including, the line "the gun is still warm"), then by Barry Hay who sings the rest of the song. If the first 5 or 6 seconds of the song is played in reverse, the words "Sirens in my head, my whole life spins into" can be heard which are from two lines and chords later in the song. --- The Twilight Zone was such a groundbreaking series that it influenced our popular culture to a level many of us don’t even realize. From Rod Serling’s silky and smoke-filled introductions, to the inevitable twist ending, the Twilight Zone’s black and white years were doubtless its best.