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    Geraldo Rivera met with Rael “The Raelian 21- vxyx2z


    by copts

    100 views vxyx2z __ Geraldo Rivera met with Rael --- Testimony of Marie-Hélène Parent, ex-guide raelian priest (Raelian during 25 years). In year 2000, Claude Rael, Sophie (his young spouse) and I were having lunch outside my house, it was paradisiacal! It gave me the desire to talk philosophy with my «prophet» who, normally, avoids always the subjects of this nature, which was a little strange considering his function. So, I told him something philosophical, I don’t remember what, but I remember very well what he revealed to me. I was astonished to hear him announce me that he didn’t want to go on the Elohim’s planet, because he would be nothing on that planet with them. He revealed to me that he wanted his own planet where he would be another Yahweh in a way. I don’t need to tell you that the hair on my arms raised straight up and that I saw for the first time an insane craziness in him.