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    FREE Versus Pay Video Distribution Sites

    Raymond Ebbeler

    by Raymond Ebbeler


    Pricing: The free version has great features and is well worth trying. The pro version will cost you $500/month to upload (up to) 500 videos per month.

    2. Hey! Spread

    Pricing: Pay as you go. Purchase credits for $0.05 each. You must purchase a minimum of 1,000 credits ($50.00).

    3. Mpoint

    Pricing: As of 01/19/2010, prices started at $2/GB.

    4. Video Optimize

    Prices: Pricing depends on your campaign and rates vary depending upon the competitiveness of the market and targets you select.


    6. Video Bot

    Price: $29.95 (one-time payment)

    7. SENuke

    Pricing: Download free, but premium membership costs $47.00/month.

    8. Video Upload Pro

    Price: One-time purchase price of $95.00 (as of 01/19/2010.) Upgrades are free.

    9. Traffic Gyser

    Price: $97.00/month for service you can get for free elsewhere.

    10. ContentBuzz and Video Wildfire

    Pricing: ($19.99/month) is the scaled-down version of ContentBuzz ($29.97/month.)